Friday, October 28, 2016

Baby Ewoks and Zombie Bunnies

Before Adelaide was even born, I have been excited to celebrate her first Halloween. I have been so excited to dress her up, and I had so many different ideas for costumes. I knew I wanted it to be something kinda geeky, but sweet and adorable. Unfortunately, when I moved, I gave away 90% of my craft supplies and left behind my sewing machine back in New Hampshire, so I was going to be facing some limitations as to what I could make. Then one day while browsing Pinterest, I came across this image:

Pinterest image - click for link to pin

A baby Ewok! Is this not the most adorable thing you've ever seen? Not only that, but the baby even looks like Ada. And it looked rather simple to put together—just a bear costume, T-shirt, and a stick made into a makeshift spear. Flash forward a few weeks when Halloween season is in full swing, and I found that exact teddy bear costume at Walmart. Geeky, cute, simple, and all the materials readily available. This was the costume. It was meant to be.

The basic parts to Ada's Ewok costume

The Pinterest link only had this image rather than leading to a website with instructions, so I improvised. I found a cheap shirt, made holes for the ears above the neck hole, cut off the sleeves and up the side seams, and trimmed it down to size. I bought a large shirt to be on the safe side, but found it was a little too big, and it probably would've worked better with a smaller size. I made it work, though. The hood is meant to look a little rough, anyway, so I wasn't too careful about how I cut it, either. I found a stick outside on the ground and attached an arrowhead made of cardboard to it with a rubber band for the spear. Here is the end result:

I could just die from how cute she is. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I can't wait to take this girl trick-or-treating!

And for some more Halloween cuteness, take a look at these cookies I made based on my sister Dani's mini comic Zombie Bunny. (Click on the image for a link to the story. Trust me, just go read it. It's short. And it's adorable.)

I was inspired when I found a bunny head cookie cutter, probably meant to make cute Easter cookies like this...

...but it reminded me of the Zombie Bunny character, and what better time of year to create some cute monster cookies?

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!



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