Monday, June 20, 2016

Life Lately: Babies, Big Changes, and a Bridal Shower

Hey, it's been a while! It's been busy, busy, busy…

I've been taking a little break from blogging to focus on some more BIG changes coming up in my life. In about a month, I'll be moving with my little family out to Utah. It's both exciting and scary. On one hand, I like the prospect of starting a new journey, but on the other, breaking away from what has become familiar and comfortable is daunting. I'll be leaving my support system of extended family and friends, who have been so helpful in my first months as a mother.

My water baby. This photo captures my summer perfectly.

This move also means giving up my long-time office job. This could be a good change, though. I'm going to attempt a career as a freelancer working from home. I've been picking up small jobs on the side to get the ball rolling. At first, I stuck to the same type of book layout work I currently do in the office, but it has taken a pleasant turn into freelance illustration as well. On a whim, I started applying to some jobs creating designs for adult coloring and have already been hired onto a few projects. So it looks like I'll be able to start making a living doing more of the things I love. Most importantly, though, freelancing will allow me to stay home with my baby. Well, babies. Oh yeah, did I not mention that I'm pregnant again?! So there's THAT too.

I'm not the only one having a big year. My sister Shannon will be getting married in August, and I had the pleasure of helping out with her bridal shower this past weekend. It was a perfect day to celebrate outdoors with family and friends. My mom created a beautiful setup with fresh flowers and a yogurt and muffin bar. I was in charge of the game prizes, favors, and activities. I got my craft on, creating some tissue paper flowers with candy inside for the favors. I also put up a photo booth area, complete with cheesy props. It was a fun little party.

The bridal shower setup

Game prizes and party favors

The bride


My silly aunts

Adelaide had fun in the photo booth, too!

I won't lie—this past month has been a stressful one, but I have had some beautiful moments as well. This summer is going by so quickly already, and it's hardly even begun. I am grateful for these happy memories I am creating every day. I look forward to these changes coming up. For better or worse, it will definitely be an adventure!



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