Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Flower Lunch

During the busy week, my lunch is usually reduced to a box of crackers that I munch on while I work at my desk. Quick and easy. But once in a while it's nice to treat yourself to something more satisfying and appealing. One day, I made a flower arrangement out of a sandwich for fun. This would be a neat way to present sandwiches on a platter for a party as well I would imagine. To round out the meal, I added a pudding "dirt" cup topped with a strawberry rose and a vegetable plate with sliced cucumbers arranged into "petals." See details and photos below.

Sandwich with rosettes formed from pieces of ham, sitting on a bed of assorted lettuces and sprouts.

Strawberry "dirt" cup—chocolate pudding and crushed Oreos with berry topper. See below for links to instructions for creating the rose and the flowerpot cupcake cups.

Cucumber veggie plate with feta cheese and grape center.

They say that you eat with your eyes, so why not make something beautiful for lunch?

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(from Spend with Pennies)

Terra Cotta Silicone Cupcake Cups


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