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Niki Jin Crafts is Back!

Last you heard from me (from this blog, anyway) was almost two years ago when I said goodbye and went exploring new directions. I started another blog (it ... didn’t last), and wrote a post here and there for my portfolio website, mostly talking about my professional art and design work. Nowadays I stick to posting mostly to Instagram.

So what have I been up to? Life has been busy, taking care of two young kids and building a freelance career doing book design and illustration. In between, I keep myself busy with various projects related to my art.

I let go of Niki Jin Crafts for a little while, but recently, it came back to my mind. I thought about what I want to do with this site. Just let it sit there? Delete it? Well no, I’m not ready to get rid of it quite yet! It could use a little updating, though, that’s for sure. I’ve given the site a new look (I hope you approve!) but that’s not what you’re here for, right? We need some new content, of course. I promise, new stuff is coming…

April Fools Cake

Spring is officially here (finally!), and we are approaching the final days of March. This Friday is April 1st, a.k.a. April Fools Day. What better way to end a cold, dreary winter than with a day of silliness. Here's a fun dinner idea to celebrate—a meatloaf "cake" with a mashed potato "sundae."
For the cake, I pressed the meatloaf mixture into two six-inch round pans lined with parchment paper (about a pound of meat in each). I baked them at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. I ended up with two "cake" layers, which I assembled with a layer of mashed potato "frosting" in the middle.

I then spread mashed potato over the entire meatloaf cake so it resembled a frosted cake. I piped more mashed potato decoratively around the cake, just as I would with regular frosting, and embellished with peas and ketchup lettering.

And, of course, cake is always better with ice cream. I created a mashed potato "sundae" with gravy "chocolate sa…

Mini Easter Eggs

Oh boy, I am exhausted. This week I've been dealing with a move AND a sick baby. Not fun. Let's just say it's a miracle this post got done at all. But here it is (yay!). I hope you enjoy this quick Easter craft idea—some edible miniature Easter eggs.

All it takes is some Cadbury chocolate eggs, food coloring, a clean paintbrush, and a little creativity. Just paint on the eggs as if they were watercolors. And if you desire (which I usually do), eat them up! Mmmm…

Happy Easter! Niki

Easter Egg Doodle a Day Easter Egg Doode a Day, Part II

Happy Anniversary!

On Monday, my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary. Yay! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. I feel so lucky to be where I am today.

The official anniversary of our marriage is March 7th, but we actually didn't hold the big party until a couple months later, in May. By then, the weather was warm enough to celebrate outdoors, and it was a gorgeous, perfect day. Lots of love and laughter and sunshine.

So, here, enjoy a little spring wedding inspiration with some photos of our reception...

Happy (almost) Spring!! Niki

Back to Work

A week and a half ago, my maternity leave came to an end. The past couple of months have flown by so quickly, and they were some of the hardest, yet also the happiest days of my life. That may seem like a contradiction, but I think any mother will know what I mean by that.

Leading up to the birth of my first child, I heard all about the challenges of parenting, and though I was a little apprehensive about it, I was pretty sure I was ready for it. Yes, I'd be tired, but just sleep when the baby sleeps, right? Sure, I'd have to feed the baby every few hours, but I figured I'd have time to get other things done in between. I thought I knew what was coming, but I really didn't. Not until it actually happened to me, and my days became one endless cycle of feeding and burping and changing the baby, with mere catnaps in between. Not until I had to face unexpected challenges, like recovery from a c-section and difficulty with breastfeeding. Not until I was tethered to my littl…