Thursday, January 3, 2013

Make Stuff!

Happy New Year everybody! I can't believe it is 2013. The past year just flew right by. Of course this is the time when people make resolutions for the coming year. I've decided that I will make and record some creative goals for myself to accomplish in the next 12 months, in the hopes that having a set list will give me some focus and accountability to those goals.

I came up with a few crafty things that I want to get done this year, ranging from simple crafty things I've always wanted to do, to more business and career-oriented resolutions. Some of these include...

-Make a quilt
-Learn to crochet
-Get my scrapbook up to date
-Reopen and maintain my Etsy shop
-Build a portfolio for pattern design and licensing illustration

I also came up with these additional goals for myself. Maybe these are too broad to really be called goals, but they are things that I need to improve upon that will enable me to accomplish the things I set out to do.

1. Start stuff: No more "I will get to day." I just need to figure out what I want to do and do it already. Make a list of specific tasks or projects and a timetable in which to get them done. Set a schedule for blogging. Start checking off projects from my ever-growing Pinterest board of things I want to try. To steal the words from Nike, "Just do it!" And then see item 2—

2. Finish stuff: In a recent cleaning session of my craft area, there were so many unfinished projects that I simply had to declare crafting "bankruptcy" on them all and throw them out. I have dragged out a knitted sweater for years because I would start it, put it away, start again weeks (or months) later, and on and on. My lack of focus is ridiculous sometimes. It needs to stop.

3. Use stuff: This kind of goes along with the previous two items as well. In addition to all the unfinished projects I have lying around are lots of unused misc materials for projects envisioned, but never begun. Bins of yarns. Boxes of fabric. Colored pencils and paint tubes coming out my ears. I think a lot of crafters like me are hoarders, too, which doesn't help. You save every jar, button, ribbon, cardboard tube, and scrap of paper because you know you can use it one day, and then go splurge at the craft store for more stuff to add to the collection. This year, I have decided to save space and money and clean out the craft supplies by putting them to good use.

4. Last of all, and most importantly,


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