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Break the Rules with Coloring

This past spring, I published a coloring book of floral mandalas called Flowers All Around. (It’s available NOW on Amazon!) I had so much fun drawing these designs. I can honestly say it was one of my favorite personal projects I’ve ever done.

Mandala designs are popular in adult coloring for their repetitive and intricate nature. I like to draw them using floral elements because I’m obsessed with drawing flowers and patterns. I’ve created floral mandalas with a variety of media—paint, pencil, ink, digital, etc. I often draw them when I don’t know what to draw. So I had a lot of practice before I got the idea to even make this book.

Adult coloring books are a great way to relieve stress and create works of art in the process. These aren’t the brand of coloring books you used as a kid. These designs are often very detailed and can be beautiful and sophisticated—though there are some fun quirky ones as well. There are adult coloring books for just about any subject matter you can think…

Photo Album: NYC

DIY Birchbox Nail Polish Rack

I have become a bit of a beauty product junkie lately. I have a growing stash of foundations, lip balms, lotions, face creams, and everything in between. It's getting quite ridiculous, especially considering that I'm not a particularly heavy makeup wearer. And really, there's only so many products you can use at one time. But everything's just so pretty. :)

Birchbox and similar services, such as My Glam, are great for people like me. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Birchbox, it is a subscription service that sends you four or five samples, many from high-end brands, every month. It's a fun way to try out new products and brands without investing in all sorts of full-size items that end up going to waste. And once in a while, you find something you really like. Some of my favorite things that I've discovered through Birchbox are Nars illuminator and Zoya nail polish.

Birchbox's packaging is very well done. The samples come wrapped in bright pink tis…

My Latest Projects

Here are some of the crafty projects I've been working on lately, including a rough muslin dress pattern, some decoupaged floral coasters, and a photo collage.


I hope you all had a lovely holiday this past weekend. Here are some Easter eggs I created for the occasion. These farm eggs were already a beautiful blue color, so no dyeing was required. I just drew some pretty patterns on them with permanent markers.

Photo Album: Busch Gardens 2012

More iPhone/iPad Apps

So it's been a few more months since buying my iPad, and I'm still crazy about it. I use it just about every day. In fact, I'm hoping that if I can figure out how to create blog entries on my iPad, maybe I would post more often. So we'll see how that goes. This will be my first post created completely with my iPad.
Since we're speaking of the iPad, I thought I would highlight a few more apps that I've been using lately that I really like. I have included a variety of apps this time, and not just photography-related ones.
Magic Hour

Magic Hour is a photo editing app for iPhone that is similar it Instagram or Pixlromatic. Like these apps, Magic Hour uses filters to create retro-looking effects. What makes this app unique is the ability to tweak the settings to make your own custom filter. In addition, you can download filters that other users have created in the free filter market. I also like that you have the option to save higher resolution files.


I lo…