Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Etsy Shop and Free Pattern

I opened up a shop on today. I've posted some sweaters for 11.5-inch dolls (I hope to post other types of items in the future). You can visit the shop here. These miniature sweaters were very fun to create. They are all designed and handknit by myself.

Most of the sweaters are knit using size 10 crochet thread and sock knitting needles. I like using the crochet thread because it is relatively inexpensive, comes in a wide array of colors, and is readily available from any store that sells craft supplies.

Here is a free pattern for a basic sweater, for those who would like to try making one yourself!

**UPDATE - 2015**
The miniature sweater knitting pattern has been revised. 
View/Download the new pattern here:

A gift tag template for creating a Christmas ornament from this sweater can be found on my Templates and Patterns page. Additional sweater patterns are available for sale in my Etsy shop.


Becky said...

I would have never thought of using crochet thread!! Smart. Best of luck with your etsy shop!
Thanks you for sharing your pattern too.

Anonymous said...

I am 55 years old and still love making Barbie doll clothes. I can't wait to try this pattern. Thanks

Lindy said...

I can't wait either. Off to the store to get supplies. :) I love dolls and their clothes.

Lindy said...

I made the sweater, although I changed it a bit. I didn't do the neck ribbing because I thought it looked good without... and I shortened the sleeves because the body ended up being short on my doll, so it is more of a "top" than a sweater. I also made the sleeves wider. I love the look of the crochet cotton!! See it on my blog!!

NicoleJin said...

I'm glad you are all enjoying the pattern.

Lindy, I loved seeing the sweater on your blog. Your alterations looked great. If it's coming out too small, I might try size 1 needles instead of 0. I have used both sizes. It might also be a little short because of a couple typos in my pattern (continue reading below).

I've noticed that there is a mistake in my pattern. (SO sorry!) Apparently, I have trouble adding! Steps 3 and 6 of the Body instructions should say "Work in st st for 33 rows," not 31. The front and back should each have a total of 40 rows (6 edging rib + 33 even stockinette stitch + 1 row for neck opening). The diagram is still correct.

Chiwaluv said...

I have been searching for a sweater like this all over the web, and was thrilled when I found yours, Thank you for sharing with everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Niki, Thank you very much for sharing your pattern. I have made things for Barbie in the past and have a trick you might enjoy. If you hold two strand of sewing thread with your crochet thread it creates a tweed look, and a nice designers touch with out the high price of fancy yarns. In fact its a great way to use up left over spools of thread. Hope you enjoy, Best wishes Mrs. K.

Phyllis Smith said...

Is that size 1 knitting needle a 1.0 mm, or is it American size 1?

Nicole Jones Sturk said...

Needle sizes are American.