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Tablecloth Play Dresses

I've always wanted to make dress up clothes for my daughters. I made an Elsa princess dress a few years ago that I enjoyed creating, but not much else since then. A few weeks ago around my youngest daughter's birthday, a lightbulb went off.  You might remember from my last post that I created birthday table displays using inexpensive party decorations, including plastic tablecloths that cost about $1. As I was picking up the latest display, I got the idea to recycle the tablecloth into a play dress! The first one I made was from the pink tablecloth in the display shown above. I felt I had to create at least one more so they wouldn't fight over one dress, but it soon escalated to a total of four dresses that I made over the following weeks. I bought more tablecloths, solely for the purpose of making dresses this time. It was fun stocking up on different colors, hehe. I drafted my own patterns to my girls' measurements, and I had fun getting creative


It seems like I've been decorating a lot of cakes recently, so I decided to post a compilation of some that I've done over the past few years. The bottom two rows in the picture above were all done in the latter part of this year. I've never taken a class or anything--just a lot of playing around. I generally like good ol' frosting; I'm not really a fan of fondant, though maybe that's something I'll eventually try out. I like to find different sprinkles, candies, and frostings to decorate with. Usually I try to match birthday candles with the decor of the cake. Sometimes I even try to coordinate the color of the cake, like I did with the pink strawberry cake shown in the two photos in the bottom right corner. Click on the photo for a larger view.