Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Trees

Well, Christmas season is in full swing now. I can openly listen to Christmas music now (which I've been doing since October...). Growing up, my family had a pretty traditional Christmas tree with a medley of ornaments collected through the years, some of which were hand-crafted by mine and my sisters' little hands. It was always fun to go through the ornaments every year while decorating the tree, pointing out favorites and reminiscing on Christmases past.

During my college years, we decided to try something different, and created color-themed trees. A lot of credit goes to my mom's skill as a floral designer. It was fun each year to find decorations that fit the color scheme. As a side note, my sisters and I were each "assigned" a color as children: pink, purple, and blue. (Mom liked to dress her triplet daughters in matching outfits in our colors.) The first year was purple.

The next year was a blue tree, accented with red. I especially liked the little family of cardinals. We even found blue candy canes.

Then, we had a pink tree. I found a beautiful pink and gold wrapping paper to match. My mom also made a coordinating wreath.

Now my sisters and I have our own house. We decided on a peppermint-inspired tree this year. Our colors are red and white. We included some of our original family ornaments in this tree.

Merry Christmas!

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3Angelbugs said...

Hi Niki,
I love all the trees and comments you made about the family. Your tree is the best...:)