Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthday-Valentines!

My sisters and I have fun every February because the 12th is our birthday. Being triplets, it is tons of fun to have a special day for all three of us to share. I decided this year that I was going to make Birthday-Valentine's cupcakes, to celebrate both holidays.

First, I made some chocolate candies using different colored melting chocolates and heart-shaped molds. I used the Valentines-appropriate colors pink, red, and white, along with dark chocolate. It was fun coming up with different designs to use in each one. I especially love the polka dots.

I used these cheerful chocolates to top my all-chocolate cupcakes.

To accompany my Birthday cupcakes, I wrapped my sisters' gifts in pretty red wrapping paper that I found on clearance (only $1!). I loved the velvety/shiny textures on it, and of course, the polka-dotted ribbon. I also used leftover chocolates to create a Valentine's candy box.


Anonymous said...

Niki, you are so talented. Everthing looks yummy!!! I loved everything all bright and colorful. Very tempting...:)

Anonymous said...


You are very creative!! The chocolates are so pretty - almost too pretty to eat!

I like the wrapping paper and bows (it happens to be my favorite color).

Keep your ideas coming - I like them very much!

Happy belated birthday to you and your sisters.

3Angelbugs said...

Wow...too cool!!! Looks way too pretty to eat...:)

ATJ said...

Niki, I was checking your blog and loved the photographs of the goodies! And then I was wondering if those are the same cookies I was fortunate enough to eat? Either way they look so good because of the way the picture was taken.... but if you got to eat them, trust me they were awesome!
the end